Ms Yoga Sudha Kandukuri

She is a recognised educator of distinction currently teaching Psychology to students of class 11 & 12. With a Global Career Counselling certification from UCLA, she is committed to helping students reach their full potential and achieve their career goals by pushing their boundaries. As an Educator of Distinction from NSHSS USA, she is recognised for her exceptional commitment to achieve educational excellence.

She possesses a unique combination of qualities that help establish a deep sense of connection with students, impart a holistic learning experience, and foster academic and personal growth.
A dedicated and passionate worker, she has always been the number one cheerleader for her students (she fondly calls ‘her kids’), supporting them through their board examination journeys and encouraging them to take up Psychology at the graduate level.

By virtue of her knowledge and experience she heads the Mental Health programme of the School. Her team includes a counsellor and a special educator who work with both students and parents.

Sudha has a prominent role in various domains of the school. Some of the areas she works on are providing career guidance to senior students, conducting and organising professional development programs, mentoring students for multiple outreach programmes and conducting surveys to gather feedback from all stakeholders to further review the teaching pedagogy at school.

Personal contact with students is what sets her apart from the others. She is easily approachable both to students and parents and is more than willing to extend help to those who need it. Sudha also helps students with time management, note making and study skills, guides them for admission to higher education in India and abroad.