Who would have thought it would take a global pandemic and an economic crisis to see how we can re-imagine our future on the planet? Our liability could become our opportunity. Necessity is the mother of invention. As the old ways of doing things have broken down under the pressure of a global crisis, we become mindful of new ways of doing things breaking through.

In this project, students described how the pandemic has impacted their personal life and the entire community and society's lives. They also identified the preventative measures that people need to follow in order to avoid being infected.

The students focused on the impact on School, Restaurants, Flying, Entertainment to research and write about the problems they are facing and the solutions they came up with to solve them at present. They then came up with their own ideas of how to redesign buildings and interior arrangements of these entities to preempt continuous infection or other pandemics that will show up in the future. Students also came up with suggestions and guidelines for entity specific routines to make sure that people avoid infection and feel safe to come. The project covered concepts from various subjects as Science, Math,Technology ,Engineering ,Arts, Social Studies, English.