JULY 2020


Science - Making a Sundial - Diva Mehta 7 A

Simple pendulum and finding it's time period by Arshiya Trehan 7 C

Electromagnet presentation made by Arghya Charaborti of 7 A

Group Activity by class VII A

Poem - The Shed


Making an Electromagnet and testing it by class 7 Aahana Sahay


Infographics - Class XI and XII (Legal Studies)

Aakriti_Class XI

Ashutosh_Class XII

Manshaa_Class XII

Rehaan_Class XII

Rudha_Class XI

Aanaya_Class XII_Legal Studies Caroline_Class XII_Legal Studies

Adwika Kalita - Class 1C - AAC Activity- Week 4 - Learning outcome - Learning to count objects 1-10 Developing Number sense.

Devank Adhreit - Class 1C AAC Activity Week 4- Comparing groups of objects.
Learning outcome- Developing Number sense.
Understanding the use of terms - more /less.

Maths AAC Activity- Week -4
Ashmika Class1 A Activity- Counting objects in vicinity - bowls , spoons etc.
Learning outcome - Developing number sense. Learning to count objects.

Maths AAC Activity- Week -4
Ojas Class 1 A Activity- Counting objects in the vicinity - bowls, spoons, bangles, etc.
Learning outcome - Developing number sense.
Learning to count objects.
Recalling number names.

Class 1 A Anika Sharma
Identify objects which can roll and slide.
Learning outcome- The understanding concept of what rolls and what slides


Class 10 A Subject- SSC (Pol. Sci.) Students taking part in the Mock Parliament

Business Studies XI Theme- History of Trade & commerce


Mock Parliament Conducted In Class 10 B


Class 2 B: Maths: Number pattern, English: Adjectives (art integration), Hindi : Discussion
Class 1 B: Maths: Number cards
Drawing dots and recalling the number and number names, Hindi shake: Kahani (fgju vkSj fl;kj), English: Poem- After a Bath -Discussion ( Rhyming words - try ,dry,fry / shake , make , cake )

Class 2 B: Hindi