Ms. Sanah Batta

Member Core Learning Team & PGT Legal Studies

Ms. Sanah is a dedicated and experienced high school legal studies teacher with a passion for imparting legal knowledge and skills to the next generation. With years of experience in the field, she holds a law degree from O.P. Jindal Law School and also a Masters in Law. She has worked as a practicing advocate before transitioning to education. In the classroom, Ms. Sanah creates a dynamic and engaging environment where students can explore the complexities of the legal system, develop critical thinking skills, and gain a deeper understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Her commitment to her students extends beyond the classroom as she regularly serves as a mentor and advisor, helping them prepare for college and careers in the legal field.

Ms. Sanah is a child protection specialist. She has authored a manual on School Safety & Child Protection for schools in India in collaboration with FICCI-ARISE. She regularly conducts capacity building workshops for teachers in the school to help them understand the importance of child protection and their obligations and responsibilities under the law.