Dr. Ahsan Ali

Inspiring Mathematics Mentor, Dr Ahsan Ali is transformative educational leader. He did Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics from Department of Mathematics, University of Jodhpur, Jodhpur. He has published 12 research papers in national and international journals. He has 30 years of teaching and administrative experience. He has a passion for student success and strongly committed in creating a positive and safe learning environment. As a seasoned educator and administrator, Dr Ahsan Ali has a proven track record of success in implementing policies and programs that support student’s growth and achievement

Dr Ahsan Ali joined Bloom Public School in 1997 as Mathematic teacher and later assumed the responsibilities of Curriculum Director in 2014. Thereafter, he took over as the Vice Principal of the school in 2018. He is focused, committed and dynamic individual and set performance goals both for students and teachers, and oversee the process so that those goals are attained.

Dr Ahsan Ali is a team player and encourages team work among his staff and leads them by example. His firm belief in intra personal relationship in the professional field with every employee and student has enabled them to flourish. He is known to be a disciplined person and cares for his students intellectual and emotional well-being. He strongly believe that students grow beyond the classroom.

Dr Ahsan Ali believes in providing a learning space to children that offer both freedom and responsibility that would allow them to blossom into self-motivated, balanced, open minded individuals and learners for life. He strives to achieve perfection in academic and his philosophy in life is that learning should never stop. His work ethic is unparalleled and inspiring. His strength lies in his meticulous planning and execution, logical thinking and efficient problem solving abilities.