In this project, students explored daily activities and their impacts on physical fitness. Students used mathematics skills such as measurement, counting, addition, contextual multiplication, data analysis and graphing to identify areas for change in their personal lives. Students gained awareness about the role of exercise in maintaining health and learned

about initiatives and what each individual can do to support healthy choices. Student learning culminates in the design of an intervention aimed at increasing physical activity. These interventions could be one of the following products:

  • a new physical fitness plan and accompanying marketing kit,
  • an original game or sport,
  • an invention that creates a new piece of physical fitness equipment or significantly builds on an existing device, or
  • a new mode of personal transportation that increases the user’s physical activity on a daily basis.?
  • Students become familiar with using mathematics to describe measurements of distance, time, and quantities,
  • Use mathematics to model a real world situation
  • Gain awareness of the impact that physical fitness has on a healthy lifestyle,
  • Question current choices and outcomes,
  • Generate new ideas for increasing physical activity
  • Develop basic data analysis skills such as creating a graph or chart of up to four categories of data
  • Develop communication skills, creative problem solving skills, and logical thinking skills
  • Understand the potential risks involved with physical fitness plans, activities, and devices and take precautions to ensure the safety of self and others
The project covered concepts from various subjects such as Mathematics, English, General Science