Dear Parent,
As discussed during the meeting on Saturday 29/12/2018 kindly ensure that the Private van you hire complies with the guidelines mentioned in the circular (attached) before your ward reports to school after Winter Break on 7/01/2019 or 14/01/2019.
The guidelines are mandatory. Till the time of compliance of guidelines, you will have to drop and pick your ward from school. Your ward will not be handed over to private van driver at school dispersal time.

All parents hiring vans to ferry their wards to and fro from school are to ensure the following safety guidelines :
Have the address with contact details of van driver. Mobile Number is mandatory.

  1. Check with van driver that the number of students in van is limited to the permitted capacity as per norms based on type of vehicle.
  2. The driver has a valid license issued by licensing authorities of NCT Delhi
  3. Driver has minimum 5 years of work experience.
  4. Ensure that the deployed driver has not been challaned for traffic rule violations, drunk driving, driving dangerously or for any offences under section 279, 338 or of IPC 1860 more than once in a year.
  5. The van fulfils the permit conditions.(speed governor,GPS,first aid kit)
  6. The Van Driver has furnished a police verification report.

Circular from Assistant commissioner of Traffic Police regarding Safety of School Children