Sports Achievements


65th School National Cricket Championship 2020

Atharv Gupta of Std 8th has been Awarded the 2nd Position( Silver) in the 65th National school games Cricket Championship ( SGFI)  in Under -14 Boys Category held at  Kapper gaon ( Maharashtra) from 25th to 29th February 2020.



Achievement in 1st Delhi Badminton League ( DBL) 2020
Vishwajeet Chaudhary Std. 7th & Adya Parashar Std. 12th team (New Delhi Royal) WON 1st Delhi Badminton League (DBL). Also, WIN 14 Lakh prize money to be distributed among the team members




Adya Parashar of std 12 Won Silver Medal in Girls Under -19 in 65 SCHOOL NATIONAL 2019-20, which was held at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.
She is also eligible for a SCHOLARSHIP of Rs 5000-6000 per month from Delhi Government this year.  





Achievement in BWF Yonex - Sunrise, BANGLADESH BD Junior INTERNATIONAL 2019

Adya Parashar of Class 12th Represented India and Wins her first INTERNATIONAL  BRONZE MEDAL  in BWF Yonex - Sunrise, BANGLADESH JUNIOR INTERNATIONAL held at Dhaka.



Shamit Sood of Class VI has been awarded 2nd Place (Silver) in the 31 Delhi State ITF Taekwondo Championship 2019 in 40-45 kg Weight Category.

Venue - Thyagraj Indoor Stadium, New Delhi 
Date - 28th to 31st November 2019

Selection for Main Yonex Sunrise Delhi Badminton League (DBL) 2019

Hearty congratulations to Badminton Team Bloom.!
) Mansi Yadav of std 10th got Gold in Under 17 Girls Single category. 
2) Vishwajeet Choudhary std 7th got Silver Medal in U -13 Boys Single 
3)Adya Parashar std 12th got Silver Medal in U- 19 Girls single 
4)) Aashutosh Vemuri std 11th got Silver medal in U -17 Boys Single 
5)Ved Dixit std 11th got Silver Medal in U -19 Boys Single. 


Result in School National (SGFI) of Under 17th Boys in Badminton 2019-20

Aashutosh Vemuri of Std. 11th won Silver Medal in Boys Under -17 in SCHOOL NATIONAL (SGFI) 2019-20.


He is also eligible for a SCHOLARSHIP of 5000-6000Rs. for a year from Delhi Government.



Achievement in Yonex Sunrise Delhi Badminton League (DBL) 2019
1) Vishwajeet Choudhary std 7th got Silver  Medal in U -13 Boys Single 
2) Adya Parashar std 12th got Silver  Medal in U- 19 Girls single 
3) Aashutosh Vemuri std 11th got a Bronze  medal in U -17 Boys Single 
4) Ved Dixit std 11th got Bronze  Medal in U -19 Boys single. 
Two players from each Category Selected for MAIN Delhi Badminton League
  - Vishwajeet Choudhary std 7th in U-13 Boys Single  and
  - Adya Parashar std 12th in U-19 Girls Single both are Selected for Main DBL. 


VENUE:- Karnal Singh Stadium, Basant lane Railway Colony, Pahargunj, N.D.
Dated:- 11th to 16th October 2019


Athletics Meet 2019

Athletics Meet 2019 held on 10/10/2019. Dhruv Kayesth of Class XI C bagged 3rd position in High Jump



Shooting CBSE Central Zone 2019-20

Yash Prakash Singh of Std. 8th has been awarded the 5th Position in CBSE Central Zone Championship in Air Pistol in Under -14 Boys Category held at Presidium School, Sec -22, Dwarka, New Delhi from 13th to 16th September 2019. He has also been  SELECTED for CBSE National from 9th to 10th November 2019 to be held at  S.S International Senior Secondary School, Kunjpura Road, New Airport, Karnal, Haryana. 


Delhi State Badminton Championship 2019

Adya Parashar of std 12th has been awarded  Silver Medal in Both category Singles & Mix Doubles ( Under 19 girls Category) in the Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta Memorial Delhi State Badminton Championship 2019.
Venue - Punjabi Bagh Sports Complex 
Dated- 3rd September to 6th September 20919


India Junior International Grand Prix 2019 - M & Q Report V2 (Badminton)

Adya Parashar of Std. 12 C has been selected for Qualifying in International Grand Prix 2019

Her Serial Number is: 34 in Singles
                                  : 33 in Mix Doubles


55th Delhi State Open Junior, Sub Junior Swimming Championship 2019

Raiyan Rajeeb Std. VI B has been awarded by 5 medals in 55th Delhi State Swimming Open Junior, Sub- Jr. & Tiny - Tots Aquatic Championship 2019 Affiliated to Swimming Federation of India, Delhi Olympic Association 

Dated - 6 -10 August 2019 Venue - Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Pool Complex Mother Teresa, Crescent Road New Delhi 

Result :-
Event                                 position 
4×50 Mt Free relay          Gold 
4× 50 Mt Medley relay    Gold 
50 Mt free                        Silver
50 Mt butterfly                silver
50 Mt free                        Bronze 


Achievement in Zonal Badminton Championship 2019-20

 In Zonal Badminton Championship 2019-20, School Won, Gold in 3 Category & Bonze in 2 Category 

Result & Categories: -
Senior Boys Category - Gold 
Senior Girls Category - Gold 
Sub - Jr. Boys Category - Gold 
Sub - Jr. Girls Category - Bronze
Mini Boys Category - Bronze

Teams Members are: -

Senior Boys: Winner

Senior Girls:- Winner Sub - Jr. boys category: Winner Mini Boys - Bronze
  1. Ved Dixit std 11th
  2. Parth Goyal std 12th
  3. Aryan Mehta std 12th
  4. Aryan Chourey std 12th
  5. Tarun deep Singh - 12th
  1. Adya parashar std 12th
  2. Ruby singh std 12th
  3. Gursimran Kaur 12th
  4. Jessica Kaur std 12th
  5. Gurkirat Kaur std 10
  1. Vishwajeet Chaudhary std 7th
  2. Maninder singh bagga std 8th
  3. Aarav Yadav std 6th
  4. Karan Pandey std 6th
  5. Aaditya singh std 7th
  1. Satvik H Warad std  4th 
  2. Chayank sharma std 4th
  3. Adwait Duggal std 4th
  4. Parampreet singh std 4th
  5. Rajdeep singh sondhi std 5th

Sub Jr. Girls - Bronze 

  1. Diyaa Bhagchandani std 6th
  2. Suhani Vishal jondhale std 8th
  3. Arsheen- Kaur bakshi std 8th
  4. Anannya  Gupta -8th


Vishwajeet Chaudhary Std. 7 has been awarded  Silver medal in Pro Shuttler Challenge Badminton Championship 2019, Category Under - 13 Boys Single, dated 28-07-2019, held at Flow Sports Life, Gurugram


Open Aquatic Swimming Championship 2019

Raiyan Rajeeb Std. 6th have been Awarded Bronze medal in individual, Event 50m Free style, Timing - 00:3:390 group -3rd (2007-08) Men/Boys, dated - 28th July 2019

Venue –
Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming pool complex
Mother Teresa Crescent Road
New Delhi. 


Achievement in Pistol Shooting

Yash Prakash Singh of class 8th A has been awarded  15 place out of 150 ,distance 10mtr. in DDA shooting Championship 2019 held at Shri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi dated - 3rd & 4th July 2019 in Under 14 Boys Category


Aarav Yadav and Diyaa Bhagchandani of Std. VI, have been awarded Gold Medal, Under 11 Girls category, DDA Inter School Badminton Championship 2019-20 held at Shri Fort Sports Complex, New Delhi from 26th to 28th Jun 2019



The Junior basket Ball team bagged the runners up trophy in the Lotus Cup  Interschool U-12 boys match held on 4/02 /2019


Yonex Sunrise Delhi State Badminton Championship

2018-19 Affiliated by BAI, Dated 18th to 24th January 2019 Venue IG Stadium, Delhi 

Player's Achievements

  1. Dev Bagga std. 12- 1st position in BD 19 
  2. Tanishq Parashar std. 8 - 2nd position in BS -15
  3. Mansi Yadav std. 9 - 3rd position in GS 17
  4. Ved Dixit std 10 - 3rd position in SMD 
  5. Hazel std. 9 - 1st position in GD 
  6. Dev Bagga std. 12- 2nd position in SMD
  7. Tanishq Parashar std. 8 - 3rd position in BD 15 

64th School National Badminton Championship 2018-19

Mahima Dixit class 12th   Bronze medal  Under 19 girls (Team Event)
Dated - 29th December 2018 to 3rd December 2019
Venue - Aurangabad, Maharashtra 

64th SFG National Badminton Tournament Kadapa

Venue: Kadapa (ANDHRA PRADESH) 
Dates: 28th Nov. to 2nd Dec. 2018
VED DIXIT CLASS X A WON SILVER MEDAL in doubles individual event and also has been selected for Khelo India which will be held in Pune on 9th of December.

Certificate of Merit/Participation

Aarav Yadav of V C participated in DDA Inter School Badminton Tournament 2018 from 27th to 29th November 2018 and secured runner - up position in Boys U-11yrs age group

Achievement in CBSE National Badminton Championship 2018-19

CBSE National Badminton Championship 2018 from 21st to 25th November 2018 at Urmi School, Vadodara ( Gujarat ), school won medals in three events. 

A) Boys U-14 in Team Events Won Bronze medal & name of the players: 

1)  Tanishq parashar of std 8th 

2)  Teja Venkatsh of std 8th

3)  Maninder bagga of std7th

4) Ojas sehrawat of std 5th

B) Individual Events 

  1. Tanishq parashar std 8th Won Bronze Medal in Boys Under 14 

C)  Mix Doubles 

  1. Hazel sehrawat won Bronze medal in U-17 

In CBSE National our matches were against 8 country & our school have faced these country 

1)  Qatar 

2)  Kuwait 

3)  Bahrain

4)  Dubai

5)  Abu Dhabi

6) Soudi Arabia 

7)  Oman

8)  India 

CBSE Centre School Swimming Championship October 2018-19

Raiyan Rajeeb of std 5th -  Gold in BU-11 event - 50mt freestyle 

Damodar of std 5th - Bronze in BU-11 event - 50mt 

Raiyan Rajeeb has also been selected for CBSE National to be held at Ranchi on 22th to 26th November 2018


Zonal Volleyball Result 2018 October 2018

Our school bagged four positions in Zonal Volleyball Championship 2018 held at Poorna Prajna Public School. 

Six  students have been selected for Interzone volleyball championship 

CBSE Central Zone Badminton Championship October 2018-19

Won Medal in 2 respected categories. 
1)  Boys Under - 14 Gold medal
2)  Girls Under - 17 Gold  Medal 

Teams are also selected for CBSE National Championship 2018, which will be held in Gujarat in November 2018

Name of the players are: 

Under 14 Boys- WINNER

1) Tanishq Parashar of class - 8th 
2)  Teja Venketesh of class - 8th
3)  Maninder Singh Bagga of class -7th
4)  Ojas sehrawat of class - 5th  (Substitute)

Under 17 Girls – WINNER

1)  Hazel Sehrawat of class -9th
2)  Mansi Yadav of class - 9th


Surajbhan Numberdar Memorial Open Delhi State Sub- Junior Ranking Badminton Championship 2018

Open Delhi State Sub - Junior Ranking Badminton Championship held at G.R International School, Pooth Khurd ,New Delhi on 7th - 13th August 2018
# Ved Dixit of class 10th Won Silver medal in U-17 Boys Single
# Ved Dixit -Won Bronze Medal in boys Doubles in U -17
# Ved Dixit - Won Bronze medal in Mix Doubles in U -17 also

Zonal Badminton Championship 2018

In the Zonal Badminton Championship August 2018, held at Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute Bloom Public School bagged the gold in 7 categories out of 8 categories.


Senior Boys - Winner
Senior Girls - Winner 
Junior Boys - Winner 
Junior Girls- Winner 
Sub- Boys - Winner
Mini Boys - Winner 
Mini Girls - also Winner 

List of Players

Sr. Boys - Winner   Sub Jr. - Boys  Winner  Mini Boys Winner  Senior Girls Winner Jr. Girls- Winner  Mini Girls  Winner
1) Dev inder bagga - 12th
2) Maninder bagga- 7th
3) Aryan mehta - 11th
4) Parth goyal- 11th
5) Aryan choury - 11th
1)Teja venktesh - 8th
2) Tanishq parashar - 8th
3) Vishwajeet - 6th
4) Rama- 6th
1) Aarav Yadav- 5th
2) Karan Panday - 5th
3) Samit - 5th
4) Manasth- 5th 
5) Rayan-5th
1) MAHIMA Dixit - 12th
2) Rubi Singh - 11th
3) Riddhi - 12th
4) Anushri - 11th
5) Rachel -12th
1) Hazel - 9th
2) Mansi yadav- 9th
3) Juhi - 9th
4) Pallvi - 9th
5) Gyan- 9th 
6) Gurkirat - 9th
1) Diyaa- 5th
2) Naira sinha- 3rd
3) Annushka - 4th
4) Tithi - 4th 


Badminton Association of India

Adya Parashar of class XI C has been adjudged 2nd rank in the girls Single Junior Under -17 ranking list according to BAI (Badminton Association of India)

1st Shr. Kulvinder Pal Singh & Shr. Joginder Sharma Memorial Open Delhi State Ranking Junior & Senior Badminton Championship 2018

1st Shr  Kulvinder Pal Singh & Shr. Joginder Sharma Memorial Open Delhi State Ranking junior & Senior Badminton Championship 2018 affiliated by BAI, held at Karnal Singh Stadium, Delhi, player's achievements:

1.  Dev Inder Singh Bagga of class 12th  - Runner - up in Doubles 19 boys 

2.  Dev Inder Singh Bagga - Runner - up in Mix doubles 19 also

3.  Hazel Sehrawat of class 9th- 3rd place in Mix doubles Under 19

Zonal Basketball Result 2018

Basketball Zonal Championship hosted by DPS Vasant Kunj.  Senior girls secured third position 

Rukshika Kadyan XII C

Simran Kaur XII A

Naina Singh XII A

Srijani Datta XI C

Gargi XII A

Umang Sodhi XII C

Pavgun Kaur XII A

Nandini Iyer XII C

12th Asian Junior Exchange Games 2018

two students are selected in 12th Asian Junior Exchange Game 2018 Tokyo japan.    Only 6 players are qualified for the team. 

 1. Ashutosh Vimuri 10th

 2. Mansi Yadav 9th 

Selection Venue - Thyagraj Stadium, Delhi Dated - 10th Jun to 15th jun 2018 

First they have qualified for the camp and then got selected in main team . Bloom is the only school whose two students are selected for this exchange games 

3rd Pradeep Virindra Singh Memorial Open Delhi State Badminton Ranking Championship 2018

Pradeep Virindra Singh Memorial Open Delhi State Ranking  Badminton Championship 2018 held at Modern School (Barakhambha Road) Dated 12th  to 19th May 2018


1) Adya Parashar of class 11th - Gold in U - 19 GS 

2) Dev inder bagga of class 12th - Silver in U - 19 BD

3) Tanishq parashar of class 8th - Bronze in U - 15 BS 

4) Ved dixit of class 10th  - Bronze in U -17 BS 

5) mahima dixit of class  12th - Bronze in U - 19 GS 

6) Ved dixit of class 10th - Bronze in U - 17 BD

7) Maninder Bagga of class 7th - Bronze in U - 13 BD

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