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Class- I

  Name of Books

 1. Marigold English Book-1 NCERT

 2.. Magic Mathematics Book-I NCERT

Class- II

 Name of Books

 1. Marigold English Book-2 NCERT

 2. Rimjhim Book - 2 NCERT

 3. Magic Mathematics Book-2 NCERT


Class- III

 Name of Books

 1. Marigold English Book-3 NCERT

 2. Rimjhim Book - 3 NCERT

 3. Magic Mathematics Book-3 NCERT

 7. Looking Around Book -3 NCERT

Class- IV

 Name of Books

 1. Marigold English Book-4 NCERT

 2. Rimjhim Book - 4 NCERT

 3. Magic Mathematics Book-4 NCERT

 4. Looking Around Book -4 NCERT  


Class V

 Name of  Books  

 1. Marigold English Book-5 NCERT

 2. Rimjhim Book - 5 NCERT

 3. Magic Mathematics Book-5 NCERT

 4. Looking Around Book -5 NCERT

Class VI

Name of  Books

  Honey suckle English book 6

 A pact with the Sun English


 Vasant bhag 1

 Bal Ram Katha


 History- Our past 

 The Earth our Habitat

 Social and political life

Class VII

Name of  Books

 Honey comb English book 7

 An alien hand English


 Vasant bhag 2

 Bal Mahabharat katha


 History- Our past II

 Our Environment

 Social and political life II 

Class VIII

Name of  Books

 Honey Dew English book 8

 It so happened English


 Vasant bhag 3

 Bharat ki khoj


 History- Our past III

 Resources and development

 Social and political life III 

Class IX

Name of  Books

1. India and the Contemporary World - I (History)

2. Contemporary India - I (Geography)

3. Democratic Politics - I

4. Economics

5. Together, Towards a Safer India - Part II, a textbook on Disaster Management for Class IX


Class X

Name of Books

1. India and the Contemporary World-II (History

2. Contemporary India II (Geography)

3. Democratic Politics II (Political Science)

4. Understanding Economic Development (Economics)

5. Together Towards a Safer India - Part III, a textbook on Disaster Management

Class XI

Name of Books

  1. Mathematics Textbook
  2. Activity Laboratory Manual 
  3. Legal Studies (Publisher CBSE)
  4. Biology- Textbook


Class XII

Name of Books

  1. (i)  Mathematics Textbook for class XII Part -1

          (ii) Mathematics Textbook for class XII Part -2

  1. Activity Laboratory Manual 
  2. Legal Studies (Publisher CBSE)
  3. Biology- Textbook


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