Model Code of Conduct


The following are the acts and misconduct which amount to forbidden practices.

  1. Absence from classes without the permission of the teacher/Vice Principal/Principal
  2. Misbehaviour towards teachers or any toher employee of the school
  3. Disobeying lawful orders of the teacher/Vice Principal/Principal
  4. Intentional distrubance of classes
  5. Bullying/Rowdyism and rude behaviour
  6. Eve-teasing/misbahaviour toward girl/students
  7. Bringing unauthorized people/article inside the school
  8. Bringing electronic gadgets/mobile phones in the school
  9. Indulging in acts of moral trupitude
  10. Any behaviour unbecoming of a student
  11. Smoking/chewing gutkha/Paan/Khiaini etc.
  12. Use of motor vehicle like scooty/moped/etc. by the student and bringing these in the school
  13. Use of drugs or intoxicant (except on prescription by a registered Medical Practitioner)
  14. Any form of gambling
  15. Theft/Pilferage of school/student's property
  16. Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property
  17. Spitting in or near the school builiding except where the spiting is made in any spittoon provided by the school
  18. Use of violence in any form
  19. Casteism, communalism or practice of untouchability
  20. Propagating a strike/disruption of classes
  21. Association with banned organizations
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