Mission & Vision Statement

Bloom Public School is a co-educational English medium, progressive school.
The academic curriculum at Bloom is based on wisdom of the past with an eye to the future. It is an education designed to succeed in the coming millenium. Bloom provides a comprehensive education that will serve both in career as well as in personal life-an education that will prepare your child for a life time of learning.
C-8 School Building : The school has an impressive and an imposing building, which is divided into two blocks. There are bright and spacious classrooms and activity centers. The school also houses an Art, Music and Activity wing.

 "When a child enters bloom, he/she joins a community of students who are":
  • Self learners & academically sound,
  • Investigative in Spirit
  • Conscious of their Role in Society
  • Confident,Wholesome personalities with good communication skills
  • Focused on Career
  • Sensitive to Fine & Performing Arts
  • Keen on their Physical pursuits. 

VISION  STATEMENT - Bloom will :

  • Be Professionally Managed
  • Effectively Integrate technology with Curriculum
  • Encourage all round Academics, Culture & Sports
  • Instil Values
  • Satisfy the needs of Gifted as well as those with Learning Disabilities
  • Have Teachers as facilitators with high professional commitment reinforced through regular Professional Development Programs.
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