General Rules


The Medium Of Instruction In School Is English

To develop fluency and improve communication skills, it is compulsory to converse in English inside the school premises

  1. Parents and guardians are rquested not to allow their wards to bring Mobile phones in the school. If it is unavoidable, they need to carry a one time undertaking from parent stating it will be switched off in the school premises.
  2. The student must come punctually to school
  3. The student must come to school clean, tidy and in proper school uniform
  4. Guardians are requested to keep watch on the work and conduct of their children and should be in close touch with the class teachers, subject teachers and the Principal
  5. In case of any Home Work, Guardians must see that their ward has done the home work task assigned to him and must acknowledge the Home Work
  6. Any kind of damage done to the school property by the ward shall be made good by guardian
  7. Guardians must encourage the student to take part in curricular activities and games
  8. Parents who want to meet teachers are requested to see, meet them with appointment after school hours or on working Staturdays.
  9. Children should be advised not to carry a large sum of money or leave money inside books, note books, bags, stationery pouches
  10. Any change in address should be communicated to the school office without delay and updated in the student diary
  11. Application of leave for one day in student diary should bear the signature of the parent. More than two days should be sent via PT Communication
  12. Students shoud not wear expensive jewellery to school or carry any expensive article to school
  13. No nail polish/eye makeup to be used.


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