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Educational Trip to Pratabgarh Farm on 24th December 2019

Alumni meet on 27th December 2019

Art and Craft Exhibition on 28th Dec. 2019 - Classes 3 to 10

Joyful learning - class 5 ABC on 24th December 2019

Joyful Learning - class I A and B on 23rd December 2019

Skype session with school in Russia

Joyful Learning - class I C and II C on 12th December 2019

Joyful Learning - class IV A and B on 11th December 2019

Pratapgarh Trip on 9th December 2019

Joyful Learning - III C and IV C

Joyful Learning - Prep II B and C

Joyful Learning - 3R`s - Class 2 A & B

Joyful Learning - Books - Class 3 A & B

Trip to Pratapgarh

Joyful Learning A Day in School - 30.11.2019

Trip to Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum Class IX

BMW - Road Safety Workshop on 28.11.2019

Movie Show - Lion Kind

Joyful Learning A Day in School

Art Exhibition at Surendra Paul Art Gallery

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