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2020 - 2021



Pre School A   Pre School B   Pre Primary C I A   I B   I C
2 A   2 B   2 C 3 A   3 B   3 C
4 A   4 B   4 C 5 A   5 B   5 C
6 A   6 B   6 C 7 A   8 A    




1st October 
  Pledge is taken during assembly - Zero Plastic Usage
5th August
 Pledge By Anahat Of Class Ix- Cleanliness Drive For Yamuna River
31st July
 jDrnku & d{kk 7 ,s vkSj 7 lh
22nd July
 Pledge by Sachin of class XI for cleaning of Yamuna River 
19th July

Wars of the 21st century will be fought for water'.!.an extempore on water conservation (Jal Shakti Abhiyan).5 B
12th July

Activity - Students of 8 B are reading the poem written by them

Activity - Enactment by students of 7 A

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