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Vrikshabandhan activity held on 13/08 for Primary, Middle School and 14/08 for Prep


    Debate on Article 370
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    Debate on Article 370 by class 10,11 and 12


      Bloom goes Green with Solar Energy
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      The school has installed roof top solar panels which achieves multiple benefits: generating clean energy for the school to meet our electricity needs, providing bluer skies and healthier air , serving as a tool for raising green awareness among our students, and contributing to the country’s efforts to expand use of renewable energy and to address climate change.

      It also sends a strong message to the students about the importance of moving towards sustainable energy and reducing our carbon footprint, stimulating their enthusiasm and making them champions for renewable energy and energy efficiency, which is seen as the biggest benefit of all.

      A great teaching opportunity that can enrich classroom content with real-world examples of the benefits of renewable energy.


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        This activity was organized for the students of class 7th and 8th to promote the essence of patriotism in them
        The learning outcomes were:-
        1.) They learnt many things about our national flag
        2.) It enhanced their creativity
        3.) During the competition they maintained cleanliness around them
        4.) It was a group activity which gave students a sense of unity and teamwork
           Tree Plantation Drive on 9th August 2019

            Law as a Career Workshop for Class XI and XII


              PTM on 3rd August 2019
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              A Parent Teacher meeting for Preps to class II - on 3rd August 2019


                Rakhi Sale
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                 Sale of Rakhi - Made by Tamana School Students
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