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Students of Class IX, participated in the State Level Toyota Safety Education Programme held on 30th January 2019, in TERI School of Advanced Studies.
    Google Future Classrooms in Bloom -Class VIII


      Skype Session With School In Russia
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      Skype Session With School In Russia -ISA Project-Food Culture/Cuisine


        Pariksha Pe Charcha
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        Pariksha Pe Charcha organised in school auditorium on 29th January 2019


          Visit of Mr RCM Reddy
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          Visit of Mr RCM Reddy Managing Director & CEO of IL&FS Education & Technology Services Limited on 24/01/19
            Yonex Sunrise Delhi State Badminton Championship

            2018-19 Affiliated by BAI, Dated 18th to 24th January 2019 Venue IG Stadium, Delhi 

            Player's Achievements

            1. Dev Bagga std. 12- 1st position in BD 19 
            2. Tanishq Parashar std. 8- 2nd position in BS -15
            3. Mansi Yadav std. 9- 3rd position in GS 17
            4. Ved Dixit std. 10- 3rd position in SMD 
            5. Hazel std. 9- 1st position in GD 
            6. Dev Bagga std. 12- 2nd position in SMD
            7. Tanishq Parashar std. 8- 3rd position in BD 15 


              Early Childhood Smart Kid Workshop
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              Early childhood Smart Kid workshop for Pre Primary teachers conducted on 22/01/2019
                64th School National Badminton Championship 2018-19 
                Mahima Dixit class 12th   Bronze medal  Under 19 girls (Team event) 
                Dated - 29th December 2018 to 3rd December 2019
                Venue - Aurangabad, Maharashtra 
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