The British Council International School Award (ISA)  is a leadership challenge which fosters team building, innovation, and project management.  It has a positive impact on not just the students, but also the teachers and school in entirety as it enriches teaching and learning through activities and projects of international dimension steering them to become global citizens schools. Thus it celebrates exemplary practices of internationalism in schools.
This year we have partnered with Lyceum No 2 a school in Cheboksary Russia.We are exchanging emails with students and including their dance and culture as part of the activities.

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Lyceum No 2 is a versatile lyceum that provides training in four areas ,Engineering; Economic; Biological and medical; Legal.

THE MISSION OF THE SCHOOL : is to create conditions that ensure the development of individual abilities of each student, psychological comfort and high creative spirit for all activities.

The PHILOSOPHY OF THE SCHOOL is "education for life". The teacher coordinator for this school is Ms Olga.Dmetrieva.
Children from various classes will be participating in seven projects, out of which three are in collaboration with our partner school (Lyceum No 2 ) and the other four are in-school projects. Ms Vinita Chauhan is the school coordinator for the ISA programme. 


Indo-Russian Dances Competition (April - May 2018) Std. IX and X










Enactment done by the students of Grade III

Folktales (April-May 2018) - Ramp Walk






Enactment done by the students of Grade II and V

Grade II-B students Enacting an Arabian Folktale

Grade V Students Enacting Folktales of India, Russia, Japan and Arabia


                                                                     Glimpses of April - May Projects

Activity : Traditional Dances of India and Russia
Classes IX and X
Coordinator: Ms Anupama Sehgal

Children researching on Tatar, Quadrille, Kathak and Bharatanatyam dances in the ICT Lab


Children grouping up to make posters of each dance


Attempting a worksheet based on Traditional Dances


Activity: Folktales -a Storehouse of Knowledge. Classes II,II,IV and V are participating. Ms Priti  Bhambri is the coordinator. 

Children viewing Arabian, Japanese, Russian and Indian stories in the ICT Lab


Children viewing stories in the class…..


Bloom gets International School Award(ISA) 2013-15

(The most accrediated award by The British Council 


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