Co-Curricular Activities

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Children used the chrome books to research rainwater harvesting, festival of India'and language around India
Class 2 A- English activity - Art Integration - Students made a pencil cap. Sequencing Activity - Draw a picture from the lesson Make it Shorter
Class 2 C Art integration Pencil cap activity
Class 2 C Smash away Activity ( using clay )  LO  To understand the concept of subtraction
Students of class 5th made spiral paper craft snake related to EVS chapter BLOW HOT BLOW COLD. This activity taught students about flow of air. The experiment and concept will be re enforced by their EVS teacher.
Class 2 B
Chapter- Give and Take
Activity - Smash Away ( using clay)
Aim - To understand the concept of subtraction.

Class 3 A EVS speaking activity - Speak about your favourite game/sport. Learning outcome: know more about different games
Fitness Week - Students of class -2 A practicing yoga techniques -  Om chanting and Focal point
Students of class 4th made paper weaving mats to understand the concept of patterns in a repetitive form. Activity is related to their ongoing mathematics chapter PLAY WITH PATTERNS
Class 1 C - English Art Integration- Learning the concept of Verbs with fun - Playing Passing the parcel and Dumb Charades.  Learning objectives- Understanding action words / verbs.
Genius hour- Students research on properties of hot and cold air, water cycle etc. related to the chapter (EVS)  Blow Hot Blow Cold...Class 5
Class -2A,  Maths - Topic- Lines and Lines ,  Art Integration
Craft activity done by craft club students of 6, 7, 8th on the theme HALLOWEEN
Paper craft activity Masks made by class 4th students
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