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On 28.11.2020

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

On 19.11.2020

Sikkim Fancy Dress Act

On 17.11.2020

English Language Circle

On 14.11.2020

Diwali and Children's Day Celebration

On 28.10.2020

Class 4 A and C-Activity Conducted on the State of Sikkim


On 23.10.2020

Class 1B Dussehra Activity

Class 1C - Dussehra Celebration

Prep 1B..Dussehra Celebration

Prep I A Dusshehra Celebration


Prep II B Dussehra Celebration.


On 19.10.2020

I B - Literacy Skills...Topic- Traffic Rules..Activity- To colour the Traffic light

On 13.10.2020

PREP 2C Mathematical Concept

PREP II B Mathematical Concept- Seriation

On 12.10.2020

Maths -Days of the week and Months of the year

On 10.10.2020

Harsimar Bawa - 3 B on Mental health and well being!

On 18.02.2020

Wool weaving activity is done by club class students of 6, 7 and 8th

On 14.02.2020

EVS Activity in class 2 - Children made table clock on the Chapter ' Time and Direction'

On 13.02.2020

Class 4th made papercraft photo frames of famous Indian women achievers. The activity is related to EVS chapter Defence Officer Wahida

Papercraft pencil borders made by students of class 5 in craft period

On 11.02.2020

Papercraft colourful birds made by class 5 A

class 3rd made unique patterns their left and right-hand outlines. This activity is related to EVS chapter LEFT RIGHT

Class 3 A made a beautiful collaborative craft of patchwork fabric quilt. This activity is related to EVS chapter A BEAUTIFUL CLOTH.

On 07.02.2020

Class 3 B - Mathematics - Genius Hour - Research done on Indian currency

Class 4 B - Genius Hour- Research has done on the topic- Pictographs.

On 04.02.2020

Students of 7 B preparing PowerPoint presentation on Water conservation techniques after research using Google Chrome books