Co-Curricular Activities

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22nd January

Origami folding houses- craft activity is done by class III today

Students of class 5th made a Family Tree to understand the concept of a Flow Chart. This activity was related to the Mathematics chapter SMART CHARTS
21st January
Art and tradition class 7
EVS- - 2C. Speaking Activity on Importance of water and Save water. L.O.- children learnt to be aware of the wastage of water
EVS- Speaking activity in class 2A. Children spoke on Importance of water and save water

EVS- Thumbprint activity to make into Animals by class 1C on the chapter World of Animals
20th January

Class 2A- Token Card Activity  in Maths on addition related to the ch- Birds come, birds go
Students of class 3rd made small posters on ways to save water
Students of classes XI Band C watching Pariksha Pe Charcha

Workshop of Cyberbullying and cybercrime held by Ms Tripti in 8 A


17th January

Class 4 B - Genius Hour-Research did on Chapter 13- Area of city Delhi

Class 4 C- Genius Hour-Research done on Chapter 13
Reading Literacy Test - Classes VIII & IX
Say NO to Plastics
15th January

TOBACCO AWARENESS- GARIMA OF CLASS IXA spoke about diseases caused by chewing tobacco

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